March 20, 2015

Rec Room Wall Update

Hello there, can you believe that the warm weather already took a turn? It's been chilly here for a few days, seems like Spring is teasing us. I just have to believe that warm weather will come.

We have been doing a lot of little things around here the last few days, and today I have a very easy but great way to spice up a blank wall. Here is the only blank wall we have in the rec room:

I have been looking for just the right thing to fill up that wall without crowding the area. Then after seeing a tattoo online we knew we had our idea. I love to read, and Luis is a gamer through and through. The quote: "I have lived a thousand lives" really seemed to speak about both of us.

So we found a local shop that was able to create a vinyl saying of that quote along with some images. Once we got the vinyl decals, it was time for me to get cracking (sorry for the horrible pictures, we did this way after dark):

You can find tons of tutorials for applying vinyl decals on the internet. I find that each decal will always be a little different, so you might need to try a few different methods. Here it is applied to the wall:

The images to go along with the quote are an open book and an original Nintendo controller. One image for Luis, and one for me.

We are so happy with how this turned out. It fits the space perfectly without drawing too much attention away from the built-in's, which is the focus of the room. Here is a better view:

Has anyone else used vinyl decals to finish a room or a wall off? If not, you should try it, it could make all the difference!


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