January 29, 2016

Kaley's Monthly Pictures: One Month

Hey everyone, I know that I have been pretty unreliable the last few weeks and I wanted to say sorry. I am going to try my best to pop on here whenever I can, but I'm not expecting to be posting regularly for awhile. I'm sure you guys will forgive me. When sleep is a little more of a sure thing I will probably have the energy to do things beside childcare.

I did want to share the monthly pictures for Kaley like I did for Braxton, but this time around I will post them when I have a chance instead of in one giant post. This way maybe you guys can see how she is growing instead of just seeing twelve pictures in a row that shows a rapid change.

I can't believe how fast the first month went by, it's crazy. We joke about how she's going to be walking next week because she is always moving! Seriously, the girl is always looking around with her head up and checking things out. She's starting to watch her brother a little bit, when he actually gets close to her.

I hope you guys can enjoy my cute little girl's pictures as much as I do. I love the idea of monthly pictures to keep track of the little things that don't have a place in baby memory books. It's also great for family members that can't visit as much as they'd like to. I highly recommend them, they are so worth the time & effort.


January 4, 2016

Christmas Tour 2015

Hello and welcome to my super special after Christmas tour of my Christmas decorations. I originally had this posted planned a few days before Christmas, but a surprise put that post on hold. Not that I would change getting my baby girl a few days early.

But since I already have the pictures edited and ready to go, I want to share the little bit of decorating that I did this year. It wasn't as much as I usually do because with a two year old and being 9 months pregnant, I just didn't have it in me to make anything new. Hopefully I can work on my to do list over the year and have more to share next year. Now how is that for wishful thinking?

First I will start with my table display, which was very minimal due to the fact that we use this table every day. A big arrangement would have interfered with our everyday life and would have driven us crazy.

I found a cute metal tray at our local Dollar store for $3 that had a cute picture of Santa and the North Pole on it, with snowflakes embossed on the sides. Luis bought me some flowers in seasonal colours, paired with some simple white snowmen and some candy canes in a white mason jar. Very simple and so easy to move out of the way to use the table for meal time.

On the shelf over our television upstairs I changed out a blue decanter for an elegant reindeer and a plush snowman. I added some red beads to my candle and a little winter birdie to finish it off.

I had planned on changing out the flower art for a holiday printable that I made but I ran out of ink while printing pictures for a Christmas present and never got new ones. Hopefully you guys can forgive me for not jumping on the Christmas printable train this year.

Above the pantry in our kitchen I filled the apothecary jars with red, gold and silver ornaments and fake poinsettia blooms. As well I added the snowman family lamp, which looks much better at night than it does in the picture below. The red buds in the black stone vase is a year round feature.

And on an end table beside our upstairs couch I added a few cute seasonal touches, including my white feather tree, snowman tealight holder and a lantern with some ornaments and garland.

I didn't want to put too much out because of the little hands that wander when I am out of sight, but Braxton did really good this year. As far as I can tell, he only went after the Christmas tree and left everything else alone.

Every year in our bay window I put a small amount of garlands and lights to help add light to our living room and some decoration to the outside. I only took pictures from the outside because it's hard to take a picture from the inside without removing the furniture. 

I also added the ribbon trees I made years ago, some grapevine trees I bought at a craft sale forever ago, fake berry sprigs and fake red poinsettia blooms. It's hard to see all of the elements, but it's breathtaking at night when walking or driving by our house. Next year I may try incorporating a little bit more colour with lights and ornaments, but we'll see.

And last but not least our Christmas tree. I love a Christmas tree that has traditional colours on it, like red, gold and silver. I won't bore you with a description, just enjoy a few pictures.

Luis keeps telling me that I need to add more fun elements to the decorations now that we have kids, so that's my goal for next year. I will do my best to add more fun colours to the room and decor and especially the tree. I am hoping to start doing some fun crafts with Braxton next year, which I can't wait to add to the tree!

So there's my late Christmas tour, hopefully you don't mind a little holiday spirit in the new year.  I expect next year to be just as crazy as this year was with two (!!) December birthday's and Christmas but I can't wait. Bring it on 2016!


January 1, 2016

Introducing Kaley Elizabeth

Hello everyone and I hope you all had a safe and happy holiday season! I know I keep disappearing on you guys but this time I had a really great reason. We had a huge surprise right before Christmas, our little Kaley Elizabeth was born!