September 19, 2016

How to Deal with Pesky Ants

Hello everyone and welcome back! I feel like I never get to post anymore and I don't because life is just so busy. There always seems to be something going on, or something coming up. My crafts and the things I have planned to make always take the back burner. But things could be worse! Today I have a post that's a little different than my normal quick craft, recipe or picture of my adorable kids. I thought I would share with you guys a recent problem and the solutions that I found, and maybe I can save you the trouble of having to search the answers out yourself. 

I'm not sure if this is a problem that everyone has this time of year or if it's just us, but it can be said in one word: ants. Does anyone else have a battle waging against ants this year or is it just us? We cannot keep them from coming into the house and I have been trying to find non chemical solutions for inside the house so I don't have to worry about the kids. Just a warning that this post will not have many pictures, but bear with me.

I found that they were coming in through a tiny gap in the front door and found a line of the buggers straight to the kitchen. I didn't stop to take a picture because I was busy vacuuming them all up. But just when I got them all I would see another line on the move. First I tried to use a liquid ant bait outside the door where the kids could not get to it and people wouldn't carry it in with theirs shoes. This is what I used, and have had luck in the past in the basement. It's the same thing as an ant trap, except its a liquid that you place where they are coming into your house or on the ant hill itself. Since I couldn't find the any hill, I chose the house.

Raid® Ant Killer Liquid

This stopped them for about an hour, and once all the liquid was gone (either from the ants or because it started to dry up) they started their march right back into the house. Cue the angry face emoji here.

So off to Google I went and tried to find a few ant deterrents or killers to keep these guys from coming into my house and trying to move in. I found a few all natural or chemical free methods and I though I would list them here and if they work.

1. Vinegar

I know that vinegar is a good way to kill ants, especially if you pour it directly onto the ant hill. But I always feel bad for pouring what amounts to acid right on the ants, so I don't like to do it unless it's completely necessary. I read however that vinegar is a great non chemical way to disrupt the trail that they follow, so I was game to try that. 

After watching them for a while I knew the trail and poured a generous amount of vinegar all over the line and around it. I did kill a few ants (which I do feel bad about), and this worked for a little while. But again, once the vinegar dried the ants just followed the same trail right up to the house. So to me, this little tip was a bust. And a waste of perfectly good vinegar that could have gone on my french fries.

2. Baby Powder (Talcum Powder)

I also read that baby powder is a great ant deterrent and will keep them from entering your house because they won't cross through the powder. I just happen to have a ton of baby powder so this seemed like a great one to try. I grabbed the baby powder and sprinkled a generous amount all over the threshold and around the doorway. 

This actually seemed to deter them from coming into the house, even though it looks terrible. Hallelujah!  And please ignore my horrible front doorway that I know needs some serious TLC. It's those "other" things that pop up I swear.

But they were still coming right up the baby powder and looking for another way in. I knew I needed to stop them from coming and that meant I needed an option that would kill the colony.

3. Baking Soda & Icing Sugar

The first thing I read was to mix equal parts of baking soda and icing sugar and place near the ant hill. I tried this and it was a big fail, they just went around the mixture and kept on coming. I remembered my mom did something similar and after a few questions was told that you had to mix water into it and then set it out for the ants.

Once I did this the little buggers went right for the sweet mixture and stopped their little march to eat.

Apparently baking soda reacts with the ants stomachs and kills them, and when mixed with icing sugar to attract them they cannot tell the difference and will eat all of it. As well as taking it back to the colony for everyone to eat. Sorry little dudes, but I can't have you in my house. After all of my many attempts they seem to have stopped coming into the house and the colony probably be killed from the raid and baking soda. Again, I do feel bad but there are only so many things you can try.

The original article is here, in case you wanted to try a few other methods. But these were the three I tried and what worked for me. Hopefully this will help you if you have any ants that are trying to move in. And if you have any other non chemical ways that work for you please feel free to share. I could use an indoor option to add to my ant busting arsenal.