March 11, 2015

Big Boy Mood Board

Hello everyone, hopefully everyone is enjoying the warmer weather. Braxton has been itching to go outside and walk for weeks, so I have been indulging in sunny walks whenever I can.

That being said, my little guy isn't so little anymore which is bumming me out. Braxton has recently started to try climb things and his crib is the main thing that he is testing out. We are terrified that he is going to fall out because we have hardwood floors upstairs, so we thought we would start the process of a big boy room. He has always been slow to transition (i.e. stubborn as heck), so starting early is probably in our best interest. I cannot believe that I am already starting plan out Braxton's big boy room.

We are going to move him into the spare bedroom, which has just been a storage/dumping ground for the last few years. Here is what it looks like currently. Please excuse the mess, we are in the process of moving everything to store, sell, donate or throw away:

Braxton loves anything red, with orange being a close second. Now I am not willing to paint another room a crazy colour like that again, so the plan is to paint his room a neutral light colour and use red and orange as accent colours. Here is my vision (please be kind, it's my first time doing a mood board):

(bedding) , (paint) , (art) , (teepee) , (cube)

I would like the room to be light and airy, where the accent pieces can be changed as he grows. It was the same way I designed and styled the nursery. So as he grows the room can grow with him without having to paint it every few years. We already have the storage cube and dresser in the nursery, which we are going to move over into the big boy room.

Then I have a list of things to make, including a DIY teepee for a reading nook and some art for his walls. I am trying to talk Luis into a wall treatment of some sort, so we will see how that goes. Wish me luck!

Our to do list:

- Remove everything from the room
- Remove closet doors (we are going to go with no closet door until Braxton is a little older. I like having the closet open so I don't need to worry about him getting his fingers caught or the cats wanting to hide in there)
- Remove old trim
- Prime over the dark green and paint walls lighter tone
- Install new trim and paint white
- Paint window trim (we will be replacing the windows eventually, but until then the trim needs to be painted)
- Find bedding (we are going to leave the mattress on the floor for the first little bit until Braxton is used to having no rails)
- Make art to hang on the walls
- Make teepee to fit in his room
- Make some pillows to make the teepee comfy
- Get storage solution for clothes in the closet

It seems like a small list but there is a lot to get done and since we are just getting started I can show you the progress as we go. Hopefully we will start painting by this weekend, and I can show you guys how great it's going to look.

Anyone else have a room transformation planned, or just finished a big boy/girl room? I would love to see.


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