March 22, 2015

Big Boy Room Progress

Hey there, I am so happy to be able to share some progress in Braxton's big boy room with you guys. It doesn't seem like we got a ton done, but when you spend four days painting in every spare moment you have (including naps and baby-free hours) it feels like you climbed a mountain.

Last time I showed you the room it was full of crap stuff. As a refresh to what the paint colour used to be, here is a picture of the room cleaned out:

Once the room was empty, we primed the walls. After painting over the red in the nursery we knew that a nice heavy primer coat would make all the difference:

Already so much better! The room looks about twice the size as it did when it was painted the dark green. As you can see above I had already started to cut in the room colour. And After two coats of Behr's Pensive sky, the room was transformed:

I'm in love. Just for kicks, here is the to do list from the last post:

Our to do list:

- Remove everything from the room
- Remove closet doors (we are going to go with no closet door until Braxton is a little older. I like having the closet open so I don't need to worry about him getting his fingers caught or the cats wanting to hide in there)
- Remove old trim
- Prime over the dark green and paint walls lighter tone
- Install new trim and paint white
- Paint window trim (we will be replacing the windows eventually, but until then the trim needs to be painted)
- Find bedding (we are going to leave the mattress on the floor for the first little bit until Braxton is used to having no rails)
- Make art to hang on the walls
- Make teepee to fit in his room
- Make some pillows to make the teepee comfy
- Get storage solution for clothes in the closet

We are getting there. Most of the time consuming and labour intensive parts are already done, so next comes the fun stuff. That part I don't mind so much, at least my shoulders will stop hating me.


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