March 31, 2015

Quick and Easy Easter Wreath

Hello, Hello. Hope everyone is having a great start of spring! I kid, because there is currently four inches of snow on my front lawn. I think Mother Nature is a little confused. But a confused Mother Nature doesn't stop the fact that Easter is this weekend. Like everything else this holiday creeped up on me as well. 

But I was a little more prepared than usual so I have a fun and easy craft to share with you guys. As I have said before, I have never really gone all out for any holidays other than Christmas and Halloween. With Braxton though, this needs to change! I am slowly trying to build a fun supply of holiday decorations that he (and I) can enjoy thoughout the years.

Today I am sharing a $15 Easter wreath with you guys that took me about a half an hour to make.

This was seriously so easy that I can't believe I hadn't done something like this sooner. I made a trip to my local Micheals and picked up a grapevine wreath, some flower picks and some Easter egg picks: 

Grab a pair of wire snips and start to cut off the extra wire from the flowers and eggs. I cut the wire on most of the eggs right off, and left a few inches of wire stem on the flowers. Next start placing your flowers in the wreath:

Once your happy with the placement of a few flowers, hot glue them in place. Continue adding flowers and eggs as you want:

Step back a few times during the process to see how it looks from a distance. You can add as many or as few flowers and eggs as you want. It's your wreath, so make it something you will love.

The top left was looking a little lonely, and I had some scrapbook paper from another project leftover so I cut out a few triangles to make some bunting. I wrote out the letters on them by hand:

I glued them to some twine and hot glued the bunting to the empty space on the wreath. I love how it turned out!

I'm not too worried about the paper because we have a storm door to protect it from the direct moisture. It won't be out long enough to do too much damage, and down the road I may put a sealer on it to make sure it stays nice.

Here's the breakdown:

Grapevine wreath - $4.19 ($6.99 regular price)
Flower picks - $8.45
Egg picks - $1.98
Grand total - $14.62

Not too bad for something that can be used for many a year to come. Now that I have shown you how easy and cheap it is to make your own Easter wreath, you should go make your own!


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