March 8, 2015

Quick Sewing Storage Solution

Hello again, so glad that it's not been another two weeks! I cannot wait for the nice weather and spring to get her so that I can air my house out. It feels like we have been cooped up forever and a day. It will also help with getting all of the dust, stale air and germs out too.

I don't really have anything too exciting to share today, but it has made my life much easier and my closet much cleaner. My grandmother passed her sewing machine and serger down to me last month (super excited about that!) and I had no where to put them. I don't have a dedicated craft area because our house just isn't big enough, so I needed to find a permanent home for these.

I have a cedar chest that used to hold my wrapping supplies, but decided that it would be put to better use by storing all of my sewing equipment. Here is a before shot with my super duper helper:

Braxton actually managed to take most of the bags out for me an disperse them through the main floor. It was quite helpful. I could not believe the amount of wrapping supplies that I had, which I will still need to find a new home for. But in the meantime, this is what I was left with once the chest was emptied:

So much better (the above picture just has my fabric scraps in it). I requested Luis' tetris playing abilities to help me get everything in there, which was probably the best solution. I was positive that it all wasn't going to fit, but once I left it with Luis he found a way. He was able to fit the sewing machine, serger, the sewing machine lid, manuals and two containers of thread:

I am so happy with how this all fit. I used the sewing machine lid to hold all of my large fabric scraps and will use the upper storage area for extra supplies like needles and scissors.

This is such a better use for this chest since it sits right beside our dining room table, which is where I used to set everything up. Before I stored everything in our spare bedroom closet, but it was always a pain because if Braxton was sleeping I couldn't get it. Now, I don't have to plan sewing project out ahead of time.

I can't wait to experiment with these two machines and hopefully create something awesome. If I manage to make anything cool, I will share with you guys. Anyone else find an easy storage solution that made a huge difference? I would love to see.


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