December 10, 2014

A Winter-One-derland First Birthday Party

Hello there all! Today I am sharing some more details about Braxton's party with you guys, since almost ever post in the last few weeks has been getting ready for it. Hopefully you guys can sit through one more post about these decorations and such.

The theme was a Winter One-derland theme, which I know isn't the most original, but I thought was adorable. I found this invitation at Shutterfly:

It pretty much sealed the deal. The card was too cute, and Braxton's two favourite colours are red and orange. I could make this work. I used the invitation as an inspiration for the decorations:

This was the food table, and I usually try to keep the decorating centered around where everyone will be. Food table is a pretty good bet on where people are going to hang out.

I borrowed the branches, but you can easily spray paint your own. You can see how I made the 3D snowflakes here, the snowballs here, the paper ornaments here and the wax paper pom-pom's here

I like to move our light fixture higher up and hang something from it so that our tall guests won't end up sitting on the floor with little birdie's flying around their heads. I find that something light, like the wax paper pom-pom's tends to get their attention without the possibility of poking them in the eyes:

I am pretty happy with how the table looked, but please ignore the empty plates. They were for the pizza that had not been delivered yet (I would have loved to have made my own, but the cost for making pizza for 25 plus people was twice the cost of ordering from a pizza place. So that was the route we took, but it was delicious either way I think). As for the food, we went fairly simple. I like simple, it just makes my life a little easier:

Since it was a winter themed party and it is December, I jumped at the chance to do a hot chocolate bar. I am a huge hot chocolate fan; how can you not be really though? (And I just noticed that I have a hot chocolate sitting right beside me, that I am thoroughly enjoying):

I would have loved to have an actual chalkboard on the wall, but time restraints just did not allow for it to happen. But I think that the black bristol board makes a fine chalkboard stand in. I just wrote out the phrase and snowflakes in chalk:

I wanted to have chocolate milk out in case people needed to add something to cool down their drink. So, we had cups set out, as well as milk bottles for the chocolate milk:

For the toppings we had: crushed peppermint candies, toffee bits, mini chocolate chips, mini marshmallows, cinnamon, chocolate sprinkles and chocolate spoons. I also had whipped cream, but it didn't make an appearance until later because I was saving it for myself I completely forgot about it. The toppings were a huge hit with the kids, except they made it into more mouths than cups by the end of the party:

And for the adults, we had a coffee bar. Not everyone likes hot chocolate, so it was nice to offer an alternative:

We just put out a few coffee and tea choices and the usual coffee add-ins like cream, milk and sugar (We had some "adult" add-ins as well, hence the mentioned "adult style"):

Both the hot chocolate bar and the coffee bar were huge hits. I would definitely recommend doing this if you are looking for a fun and easy beverage solution. A hot chocolate bar could even take the place of desserts at a party!

As for party favours, what else could it be? Of course we sent home hot chocolate:

Whew. It was a crazy day with a very special boy. I can't wait to start planning his second birthday once he can add a little more direction. I mean, staring at  the decorations and trying to eat them isn't the most helpful things. Adorable, yes.

I still have a few more things to share that were part of the birthday party, but I promise they aren't crafts!

Anyone else planned a winter themed party or a first birthday party? Feel free to share, I love to see what other ideas people come up with!


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