January 18, 2017

Paper Pinwheels

Hello everyone, and happy weekend! After the holidays this part of the year always seems to drag on. I am actually looking forward to it this year, maybe in the lull I can actually get caught up on some things. Like I said a few weeks ago, projects out the wazoo over here.

So far I have shared Braxton's third birthday party (here if you missed it), as well as the paper rosettes I used as decorations (here if you missed those). So today I want to share the pinwheels that were made for the party. These are much easier than the rosettes, super easy in fact. 

Grab some scrapbook paper and cut it into four even squares, or as close as you can. My paper cutter was having some issues, so some of my papers are a little wonky.

And my paper wasn't double sided so I cut out squares for the back of the pinwheels. Glue these together with both of the patterned sides facing out and trim if necessary.

Cut from each corner towards the centre, leaving a roughly one inch space in the middle. You can see below with the red lines the general idea, just make sure you leave an area in the middle because you will need it to finish the pinwheels. And I think more is better here, you don't want a dinky little area because you will be gluing most of this in on itself.

If everything goes according to plan, you should be left with four small triangle attached to the middle section of your paper. Glue down every other corner of the triangle into the centre of the square. I used a pencil to save my fingers from the hot glue.

You can see what I meant by every other corner a little better in the picture above. Once this is dry, cut a corresponding circle of paper and glue that down in the middle. If you're feeling frisky you could always use little gems or large sequins.

And that's it, as I often like to say. How easy are these? I could make these for any occasion and would adore them. You can even grab a paper straw, or skewer and glue that to the back and use it in a jar or pot on a table.

This was actually a craft that I enjoyed making, it was so easy I didn't really have to think while I did it. Very therapeutic, and great to binge watch TV while you are doing it too.

Happy crafting! Feel free to share if you make these, and any changes you make. I'd love to see them.


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