January 6, 2017

Kaley's Monthly Pictures: Twelve Months!

Hello everyone and welcome to the last monthly picture of Kaley. My baby is no longer a baby! She's now a toddler and growing up so fast every day, and I can't stand it! Sometimes when I feel like this I wonder how my parents feel, to have your child fully grown with a family of their own. Surreal is the word that comes to mind.

My little tornado never stops moving and is always keeping me on my toes. This month's picture took forever and this was the best one I was able to get, after about an hour of extreme frustration. Kaley decided to rip the backdrop down about six times during this photo shoot.

Kaley is such a great eater, I love that she will try anything and hasn't found much she doesn't like. After Braxton, feeding Kaley seems like a breeze! I know that she will eat whatever we eat, and I usually end up sharing most of my dinner with her (after she finishes hers). She actually shared most of our Christmas dinners with me, silly girl.

Every day it get a little harder to keep up with her, and poor Braxton is having to get very creative with how to keep his toys away from her. We've taught him to start playing at the dining room table, on the built-in's and even on the couches. Though, they are not going to be safe for long. Kaley's new favourite thing is to throw all of the toys out of the toy baskets and climb in the basket. Braxton loved to do this too.

Here is a sneak peek of her cake smash! I just can't keep up with how much she has grown.

Thank you for sharing this crazy year long journey watching our little girl grow. And if you missed any previous months, you can find them here: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten and eleven.


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