November 3, 2014

half bath before & progress

Hi everyone, earlier this year we decided to do a complete gut job on our basement. We are still working away, but I want to start sharing some progress with you.

Back in 2012 we did a basement renovation in our hallway and rec room, but I never really showed you guys our downstairs half bathroom as we never really did anything to it. You can see the first basement renovation here (Please note that the pictures are still edited to the old blog name).

Our downstairs bathroom is pretty darn small. And before we started our latest renovation, the door would swing into the bathroom. So closing the door was a dance between the vanity, the toilet and the door. It usually involved straddling the toilet to close the door. Very welcoming.


As you can see, very small indeed. The first picture is the oldest one of the bathroom, before the first renovation. The second one was after we updated the hallway. And the third picture shows you the door. 

We (or namely I) hated that vanity and how the door closed. So I told Hubby that I wanted a new vanity and the door to open out. So early on he ripped out the vanity, and you'll never guess what we found.

First, let me say that we did nothing other than rip the vanity out in the next picture.

We found a screw directly in our main line ! How bad is that! If we hadn't replaced the vanity, we never would have found it! So after repairing the damage from the random screw in the pipe, the Hubby had to patch the whole area where the vanity was.

Already looking better! 

Next we painted the whole room including the ceiling Turtle Dove by Behr. I don't have any pictures of that, I hope you guys can figure it our though.

We decided that with Braxton so young and probably going to be a tank that destroys a few things before he gets big, we wanted a kid friendly flooring option. I would have loved to go with tile, but worried about it getting broken while toys were moving up and down the stairs. 

So we opted to use a peel and stick vinyl flooring that looks like hardwood until we feel that tile will be a good fit. This stuff is literally peel and stick, though we did buy the adhesive to give it that extra oomph. 

Wow, what a difference, and it's a bare room. The room looks very yellow in these pictures because of the fluorescent lighting in the hallway, it's really a very nice light green (which you will see a few pictures down).

After that was the vanity installation and putting the toilet back in. I love the vanity we got, which we found at Lowe's on clearance for $169! It has one large and one small open shelf, perfect for the minimal storage we need down here.

Then trim, which we did a little differently. We have had water problems in the past (which I will address with a future post), so we chose to use real wood for our trim. It won't suck up water the way that MDF will. I don't have any pictures of installing the trim, or making it look pretty. Sorry, bad blogger. 

Well, what do you think? About a million times better right? And I would call this about 90% complete. We still need to add a few decorations that will stay permanent, I just styled the bathroom for you guys. Here are a few more pictures, I did my best in the tight spot to show you everything.

Well, I have to say we are quite happy with this transformation. I will show you guys the 100% complete pictures once that happens. 

The following still need to be done:
- Touch up wall paint
- Touch up trim around doorway
- Install shelf over toilet
- Buy storage baskets/boxes for vanity

Not too much left, but enough. Hopefully I can get this done and share the final product soon!


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