November 17, 2014

Braxton's story

Hey everyone, today I thought I would get a little more personal with you guys and share a bit about Braxton's birth story. Since it is a little late to get into any crazy detail, a little recap will do nicely.

Braxton was originally due on December 12, 2013, but after our first ultrasound they moved the due date to December 3, 2013. The whole pregnancy it seemed like he was going to come early, the doctor kept saying that he was always on the big side of where he should be.So when December 3rd came and went, I was a little surprised. I think the delay was a blessing as it helped me mentally prepare for the fact that I was about to have a little person come out of my body. I remembered being told that walks could help induce labour, so I took our dogs for a long walk on December 4th.

That night on our walk, about halfway through I felt a little leaking (sorry, TMI!). Thinking I just had to go to the bathroom, I hurried home and thought nothing of it. But by the morning of December 6th I thought that it was possible that I had a slow leak happening. We called the doctor and he told us we needed to go have a test done at the hospital.

So off we went to the hospital, and I decided at the last minute that we should bring our hospital bag with us - just in case (you see where this is going?). We got to the hospital around 9am and got right into a room where they started doing a stress test on the baby and checked to see if my water had actually broke, or if I had a small leak.After completing the test, the nurse said she had to call my doctor. Not good. So after waiting about 20 minutes for the doctor to arrive, he came right it and confirmed that I did in fact have a slow leak. And then he informed us that he was about to break my water and induce me. We were having a baby!

Let me just say I hope that I never have to have my water broken or be induced again. That was not fun. But, I got the greatest gift from it. After 9 hours of labour, our baby, Braxton was born.

Hope you don't mind me sharing a little bit about the (other) love of my life. But, I mean, who doesn't like looking at babies? Here are a few more to brighten your day (and make up for the reading you had to do to get to this point):


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