November 3, 2014

first pumpkins.....and a first fail!

Hey everyone, I thought I would share another Halloween related thing with you, because why not? Might as well keep with the whole "I'm late posting for the first holiday since I became a full-time blogger" thing.

I know you'll forgive me.

Since Braxton is too young to understand what pumpkins are, let alone carve them, I thought it would be cute to let him paint them. So off to the local Micheals I go to find some non-toxic washable paint to use in this project. The selection was pretty bare, but I managed to find white and red.

So right before bath time I laid out some newspaper, got the paint onto paper plates and put the pumpkins on the ground. One almost naked baby later and I thought the cute would just happen.

Yeah, no.

He hated having his hands dirty! He was getting pretty mad everytime I tried to get him to put his hands in the paint and then touch the pumpkins. About the third dip into the paint and he decided the plate was much more fun than painting the pumpkins.

That was a disaster waiting to happen so that fun was quickly put to an end, with much protest. After about 5 minutes of me using his hands to paint the pumpkins, we had a dog photo bomb.

Meet Rokko, our Chihuahua and the best thing that's ever happened to Braxton. Kid loves this dog, like to bits. Feeling - not mutual. Rokko is terrified of Braxton, as you can see in the above picture. Might have something to do with Braxton being 21lbs and Rokko being 6lbs, maybe.

Well after the Rokko appearance, Braxton was done and messy! So before he could get too mad I whisked him away to bath time. Crisis averted, bath time is almost as good as Rokko sightings.

So, as you can see my wonderful thoughts of amazingly cute pumpkin painting were crushed. I still love them because Braxton made them, but they are not nearly what I thought they would be.
Oh well, maybe next year this will work out a bit better. It's the thought that counts, right?
Did you guys come up with any non-carving ideas for your pumpkins this year? And did they turn out any better? Hopefully and feel free to share!

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