April 28, 2014

it's been a bit...

Wow, it's amazing how fast a year can go by and how much things can change.
My last post was just over a year ago, and before that was whenever I had a chance. I have never been a regular blogger, it's always something I have done when I had time.
When work, and life allowed.
Well, around this time last year we got the best news I had heard in a long time. We had finally gotten good news and I was pregnant. After that, I just didn't have time and didn't make time for this little blog.
But, I kept crafting and updating my house. I took pictures along the way and will try to share everything with you as I can. I have a nursery to share, and a gender reveal party and all sorts of fun little things.
Right now I am at home with the greatest gift I have ever gotten. My son. And I will keep blogging as I have always done. Whenever life allows.
I just thought I would check in and let you guys know I'm still here.

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