March 19, 2012

Life Goes On......

Well, hello there. 

Gosh, it's been forever. 

Sorry about my absence, but I had some personal things to deal with over the past month. Actually, it is an issue that I have been dealing with for over three years now, but it hit hard last month.  I found this, and it really helped pull me out of the emotional drowning I was experiencing.

I know I previously posted about telling you guys more about myself, and if there ever was a time for it, it's now. 
September 2008 I married the man of my dreams, it was great. He was (and is) my best friend, and not a days goes by that I am not thankful for having him in my life. Shortly after the wedding, we decided to start a family. So, the "trying" began.

After 6 months, we took it a little more seriously. Why wasn't it happening?  We are young, healthy, at the perfect age for an easy pregnancy. But we searched online and found that this is normal. So, back to daily life.

After 12 months, we were worried. So we both made a doctors appointment to get checked out. Make sure that everything was okay. My appointment was first, I went through the motions with my doctor, and had some preliminary tests done. Everything seemed fine.

Then my husband had his appointment. Same thing, went through the motions and had some tests done.......

 His results shattered our world.

His doctor informed us that he could not have kids. And that we should head to a specialist to determine the cause and if it can be managed. We spent another year going to doctors appointments for the both us of, hearing the same bad news over and over again. 

After a year of waiting, 
more waiting, 
more tests,
more appointments,
the final verdict was in:

They had no idea why this was happening, or how to fix it. 
It was time to look at other options.

I cannot even begin to describe what we were thinking, or how we were feeling. It is the worse feeling that I will ever have in my life. I want kids, I have for years. We waited until we were married, settled and in a good to spot to start a family. We did everything right.

Why was this happening to us?

We pulled away from friends and family, pulled away from each other. Everything seemed hopeless.

But we pulled ourselves off the ground and looked at our options. Donor Insemination and Adoption. After talking, we decided to try the donor insemination via IUI.

So, we started down that road. It took another year of appointments, tests, blood work, ultrasounds, and many more tests to get to the point where we could order our sample and start the cycle.

We started on January 29th, my last post. I went for the daily blood work on Day 3, and again on Day 10. They called later that day an aborted the cycle. Apparently, my hormones did not look good, so we could not continue.

This was the last heartbreak, and I am now just picking myself up again.

We have now successfully completed out first cycle and are waiting for the news if we are pregnant or not. Hopefully, it will be good news this time - I think I'm due for it.

Wish me luck!

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  1. I'm sorry this has been so hard for you- it always seems like it's hardest for the people who will be the best parents. I know you'll get to complete your family sooner or later, and here's hoping it's sooner!
    (Found you on a link party on Thrifty Decor Chic)

    -Teri Lynn