December 11, 2015

Pink Foxes are a Girl's Best Friend

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend! Today I want to share some nursery art that I made for Miss P's room. Originally I thought that the gender neutral owl motif would be okay if we ever had a girl, but once it was confirmed that we had one on the way the gender neutral just wouldn't do. I have been trying to add more pink and girly things to the nursery to get ready for Miss P's arrival in 3 weeks (so soon!)

The easiest thing I could think of was to make some new art for her room. I know that pink foxes seem to be the thing right now for girls, but I don't care. I love the idea of little pink foxes running all around the nursery.

First thing was to find some free fox art that I liked and then print out pictures to copy from. I just traced the original image onto the card stock I was using for the art. Nothing fancy, since I knew I was going to be painting over this.

Once I was happy with my tracing, I grabbed some acrylic paint for the body of the foxes. I used a colour called light pink, which was very soft and perfect for the fox base.

I also took the opportunity to use a black sharpie marker to add in the black details at this point. Here is the first paint colour after two coats:

In the bottom right picture you can see a hot pink outline, which was how I reminded myself that this section was to be the darker pink and not the light pink. For the darker pink I used Pink Chiffon, which was just slightly darker than the light pink.

Here is the art after all of the pink was complete. I wasn't too happy with the fox with the darker body, but I wasn't sure how to fix it so I left it. Once this was all dry I used a small test container of Behr's Irish Mist to finish of the white accents. This colour is actually a grayish cream but turned fully cream on paper. A very happy accident I think because I loved it and it works so much better than the original colour would have.

Once everything was nice and dry I placed the art in between the pages of a heavy book for a day to try to limit the amount or wrinkles that were showing. It made a small difference, but not much. Then I put the art into the shadow frames and popped them back on the wall the with already attached command strips (love those things). I played with the order until I was happy and now I love it!

Well, that's it. Nothing too crazy complicated or fancy, just a nice and easy way to add a girly touch to my little girl's nursery. It's so easy to add your own touches to your house without breaking the bank. I will definitely be doing this again once I need more art for frames. In fact, I'm sure Braxton's room will be in for some art treatments once this little girl gets here.


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