December 14, 2015

It was a Wiggly party

Hello there one and all. A little while ago I shared that my little man wasn't so little anymore and turned two! I cannot believe how fast this year flew by, and I suspect it's just going to get worse. Today I want to share some of his party details with you guys.

I'm not sure if anyone is familiar with The Wiggles, but Braxton is obsessed with them. He loves them and cannot get enough. I swear he might even like them more than Luis or I some days, and he definitely thinks that Emma is his girlfriend. Sorry ladies, he's into much older women apparently. Anyway, so with this fanatical love it was easy to pick a theme for his party this year. It was a Wiggly Party.

I bought this digital invitation which I printed at home from Two Bear Designs on Etsy, but she seems to have closed shop since. I just printed them on regular 4x6 photo paper and used envelopes that I purchased at Staples years ago.

It's hard to put balloons outside in December because they will last all of 10 seconds in the cold. So instead I dressed up our bay window with streamers and balloons. I just alternated the streamer colours at eye-balled intervals and threw a bouquet of balloons in the centre. Braxton was thoroughly impressed with this.

I had my mom come over to help me put up the decorations that required a person to stand on furniture or a chair. At 37 weeks pregnant I was under strict "don't stand on anything orders" from about 10 different people. So my wonderful mom came to the rescue. We used streamers in the wiggles colours of yellow, red, blue and purple and strung them up in the four corners of our dining room.

As you can see they went around the dining room light and into each corner. Please ignore the yellowish tones in the above picture, the glass on the light fixture is a cream colour. These ceiling streamers framed the table which was up against the wall directly across from the kitchen doorway.

On the wall behind the table I cut out stars in the matching colours to act as a backdrop behind the table. This was the best picture I could get of the whole setup including the ceiling streamers. Some balloon bouquets framing the cake finish off the table decorations.

I also threw some balloon bouquets up opposite the table as well where I could get them to fit. I didn't want anything that little hands could grab easily so my decorating options were limited. I wrapped the mason jars I used with tissue paper to hide my unattractive vase filler. Shh, that's our little secret.

The food was completely based off of Wiggles songs, which I'm sure confused every person that attended who is not familiar with them. And amused those of us that know every lyric to every song.

Which included fruit salad, mashed banana muffins, cold spaghetti salad, hot potato skins and apples and bananas. All of those are songs that the Wiggles sing all the time and Braxton loves. We also had taco dip, veggies and dip, and rice krispie treats.

We ordered the cake from a local bakery we have used in the past, which was quite the splurge honestly. I wish I had the time to make an amazing cake like this, but I just knew I would never had gotten anything close to this nice accomplished. The cake was in the shape of the Wiggles Big Red Car.

It was a huge hit and was literally huge. We ordered the cake to feed roughly 15 to 20 people, and this could have easily fed at least double that. It was probably the coolest cake ever and is definitely something that will be awesome for Braxton to look back at pictures of. He wasn't as impressed with the cake as everyone else, but that's because he hates sugar. Seriously, no joke.

Here are a few pictures of the handsome man in his birthday party shirt. We had gone to a Wiggles concert back in October and bought him this shirt, and it seemed perfect for his party.

The first picture is his "cheese" face, which he now does every time the camera does its focusing flashes. It's adorable and hilarious at the same time. And like most two year old's he was very interested in everything and tried to help as much as possible, including rearranging the food labels.

It was a great day and everything turned out perfect. I love throwing parties and decorating for them. And I know that at this young an age Braxton won't remember any parties that we do, but I will. We take lots of pictures so that he can see the fun things we did, and I will always have the memories. I'm curious as to what his next party theme will be.


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