July 22, 2015

Toddler Fun - Part One

Hello there and welcome back. Today I want to share a fun activity I saw on Pinterest forever ago and thought I would try with Braxton (the original pin is here, if you would like to take a look). We had a few super hot days where we didn't want to be outside for too long, so it was the perfect time to give a toddler activity a try.

You only need a few supplies: a plastic zipper bag (or two if you're me), some washable paint and some painter's tape (masking tape would work as well). I poured a large amount of the washable paint into a Ziploc bag, then doubled bagged it. With my history, one bag would have caused a large mess. Better safe than sorry.

Use the painter's tape to tape this bad boy to a window or glass door. I taped mine to our back sliding door, please ignore any drool stains. And I forgot to clean the toys and such from the deck, so please pretend they are not there. Thanks a bunch, you guys rock.

Then try to get your toddler to acknowledge that you even did anything. Seriously! It took Braxton about two hours to even pay attention to the paint bag, even when I started playing with it. He just ignored it and decided that we needed to wrestle instead.

Feeling my utter defeat, he gave me a few pity hits and went on his way.


No one can say I didn't try. Maybe it was the fact that I used white paint? Maybe I will dig out the red washable paint and give this another try. If not, oh well. Not all toddlers like the same thing. Back to the drawing board I guess.

Have you guys tried any fun toddler activities? Feel free to share. I want to gather a bunch for the upcoming cooler weather (boo!) and new arrival. Momma is going to need some fun things to keep everyone happy this winter! Wish me luck on my next adventure into toddler fun.


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