February 6, 2015

Playroom Mural

Hello there and happy Friday everyone! I've been busy painting and I am so glad to show you what I've been up to. I have finally finished the mural in Braxton's playroom!

I've always wanted to have a playroom that I can paint a mural on, I used to look at pictures and think "I want to do that". It's a weird thing to want to do, but I am weird that way. Anyway, this playroom has been the best thing we have ever decided to do. Braxton loves that room and spends about 85% of his day in there playing with his toys and reading his books. I love that I was able to add something personal to his room for him.

I chose the two walls that were not visible from the rec room, mostly so that the playroom didn't look too busy. First thing was to paint the sky, which I just drew all willy nilly by hand. I used the Behr colour Rio Sky, it's a great light grey-blue:

Sorry for the bad pictures, it's hard to take a good picture in a room with no windows/natural light at night (and also please excuse the wet paint in most of the pictures as well. I have limited time to paint, so it's usually late at night).

After two coats of the sky, I painted the grass a darker green. The original wall colour it just too light to be part of the mural. I chose Sage Brush, also by Behr:

I decided that I would also use this colour for some trees, so I drew those in as well. My mom came in the day after I drew these and said that she liked my clouds. Alas, they are not clouds just very cartoon-ish trees. I decided to keep the mural simple, and I thought that I would draw everything they way I used to draw when I was younger. It is for a playroom after all:

After two coats of the Sage Brush, I went into my stash of paints and mixed about six different greens and white for a darker colour to finish off the trees. Again I did two coats of the darker tree colour and had a ton of paint leftover, so I decided to put some bushes in the grass. I was trying to break up the light green area, and I think it worked out pretty well:

I used a brown I also had in my stash for the tree trunks. I wanted the trunks to all be a little different, so I did a few styles. I love how the "y" trunks turned out. I wanted to add an evergreen tree in as well because they are very common around us and keeps things interesting. Four of the exact same trees on each side might look a little boring.

Here is a picture of each wall:

If you didn't notice before there is a tree wrapped around the corner. I had no idea how to make each side looked balanced without being crowded, so I took a chance and used the corner as the centre of a tree. I think I worked out great:

I cannot express how happy I am to have this done and with how it turned out. It's like a weird bucket list item I can cross off. Here's one more picture because I am just that happy with it:

Maybe down the road if I feel really ambitious I will try to add a squirrel or bunny into the mix. If I'm ever feeling wild and crazy maybe I will try to draw some apples into the tree. I know, it's hard to keep up with this wild girl.

Have you guys painted any murals? They are a lot of work but look so good and are more than worth it in the end.


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