January 9, 2015

Spray Painted Countertops - 3 years Later

Happy Friday everyone, hope you guys are staying warm & cozy. It feels like winter has been here forever, and we've only had snow for about a week. I think this might be a long winter for me.

Today I thought I would share an update to a pretty popular post from 3 years ago, before my almost 2 year hiatus. You can check out the original post here (please remember this was before the blog had a name change). And the first update post here, where I talked about how just the spray paint was holding up. We ended up using a food grade epoxy and it was so much better.

But three years later, the poor counter top is starting to show it's age. There are a few spots that just look dirty all the time. Since you guys are my friends, I'll show you a few pictures:

These spots are actually soft to the touch, where the epoxy is starting to wear away. I cannot make them look any better, so I have started to strategically place cutting boards and my paper towel holder when people come over.

I would recommend to anyone wanting to do counter tops like this, make sure that it is a temporary solution. Our plan was supposed to be temporary, until we could afford to gut the kitchen and renovate it the way we wanted. But alas, other priorities popped up. Like Braxton joining our clan, and our basement (here, here, here, here and here).

Hope this update helps anyone looking to refinish their counters in a relatively inexpensive manner. Let me know if anyone has had any luck with other products or finishes!


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