January 2, 2015

2015 Goals & Resolutions

This is something I usually never do, make goals or resolutions at the beginning of the year. I know myself, and I never complete things I set for myself unless I can be held accountable. And by someone other than myself, because I am very bad at making myself do things.

But I figure that you guys can hold me accountable, even if I just think that you do. So, hopefully this will give me the kick in the pants I need to set some goals and keep them in 2015. I have a few personal and a few blog related, just to ease myself into this. Baby steps guys.

1. Make more time for friends and family. Luis and I tend to be homebodies, and stay in a lot. This year I would like to go and visit people more often, if only for Braxton's sake. He needs to know that there is more to the world than our house and car. We always use the excuse that "they could come see us". But at the end of the day everyone likes to be at home, so if we want to see people, we need to get out of the house. Maybe if we make the effort, it will be returned and we can stay home some of the time too. You have to start somewhere.

2. Get back into reading. I love to read, like love it. I can devour an entire book in one night and one sitting. But since I got pregnant in 2012, I don't think I have even picked a book up. I miss it desperately, and would love to start reading whenever I feel like it again. So the goal is to try to read (or re-read) one book a month. I may even go get myself a library card, see if I can mold Braxton into a reader too. Get to him early.

3. Post at least twice a week. I hope this won't be too difficult of a goal, and hopefully I can keep it up all year. I need to stop worrying about what I am posting, if you guys will like it or hate it. Just start posting for myself, because that is the whole point of my blog. A place for me to share my thoughts and creativity. 

4. Try to make one new meal or baked item a month. I tend to stick with what I know because I know I can make it, and it's good. But this year I would like to try some new things. With so much I can't eat it makes it hard to try new things at restaurants, so I need to try at home.  Then I can control what is in the recipe, and I know that I won't get sick from it.

5. This one is a weird and very personal (as in I am probably the only person who has this irrational fear), I need to get over my fear that chicken is always undercooked. Seriously, I am convinced that every piece of chicken is pink and I will be dying any moment after my first bite. I can actually make myself sick over this sometimes. So my goal is to trust that no one is trying to kill or poison me, and just enjoy chicken again.

I know they are not super amazing goals about climbing mountains or running marathons or doing a huge re-haul of everything in my world, but they are realistic. And by keeping them small, maybe I can make bigger ones next year.

Did you guys set any goals for this year?


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