April 17, 2012

quick pillows

Hi guys.

Today is just a quick post that I am sure everyone has done. Use pant legs to make pillows!
The hubby had a pair of cords that were toast, instead of tossing them I turned them into little accent pillows.

 Now be kind, this was my first time using a sewing machine or making pillows! Please don't be fooled, I did not make the gorgeous front pillow - I wish I did though!

No, I took these worn old corduroy pants:

 Chopped the legs off to make these beauties:

Decided they were super sexy short shorts - then had a brilliant idea. One cut later, and I had these bad boys:

I cut a tail hole and threw them on my model. Meet Motley - biggest suck ever. Terrible picture of him, but he is a trooper.

Now back to the pillows. I bought some cute accent buttons at Micheal's for about $2.99 each. After cutting the legs off I sewed one side completely shut, then I sewed the other until there was a 3 inch hole.

I sewed the buttons onto the pillows, one is green and one blue. Then I stuffed the pillows, then hand stitched the pillows closed.

Not too bad. You can see the detail on the green button better, and the blue button is more of a teal colour. This is a bad representation of its colour.

One more shot of the group.

Well, that's it!
Have you guys made pants leg pillows? I would love to see them!

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