June 2, 2016

Kaley's Monthly Pictures: Five Months

Hi there! Hopefully everyone had a fantastic week and is ready for the weekend! The warm weather has been fantastic here and we have managed to get a few things done outside. Though this also means that the cleaning in the house doubles due to dogs and kids bringing a ton of the outdoors in! With weather this nice though, I can manage a few extra hours of cleaning my floors.

Today I want to share another set of monthly pictures for Kaley. She is getting so big, it's crazy to think of how small she used to be! If you're new here or want a refresher of previous monthly pictures, you can find them here: one month, two months, three months, and four months.

It's amazing to watch how fast a baby can grow, it's like you blink and they are a different person. Even the daily changes can be incredible sometimes, and I see her everyday! 

She is getting such a personality, it's interesting to see how she reacts to new things. Will she laugh? Surprise her? Will it scare her? So far not much scares her, and everything makes her laugh. The dogs, the cats, Braxton, people walking by... all hilarious.

She is getting so much stronger on her tummy, she will be mobile in no time. Though she can roll around like nobody's business if you let her. We've set up a little corralled area for her so we can make sure that she is safe from big kid toys and Braxton. I've watched her roll clear across the floor and end up under the coffee table, case in point for her little safe haven.

Everything goes into her mouth currently, I'd forgotten how much I dislike this stage. We go through about six bibs a day and at least two wardrobe changes before bed. Silly girl, the bibs usually get soaked because they end up in her mouth too.

The jolly jumper and exersaucer are used daily, as was her bouncy chair. She loves to stand up and watch everything, in fact she demands it most days. And she can get some serious air on the bouncy chair, her ankles were getting bruised so we had to put it away. This is not going over very well, but she's a baby and will forget in a few days.

She moved into the crib right after my birthday and has been doing great. She's still up a few times each night, usually once between midnight and four, then again between five and six (depending on her first wake up). And she sleeps in most days until eight or later. A big change from her brother who was up every two hours like clockwork until he was a year old, and would be up at six every day.

Though she still doesn't nap very well, most days with two 15-20 minute naps and the occasional hour long bought. Again, very different from her brother who napped twice a day for about an hour at her age. It's funny how different kids can be when you don't do anything different.

Well, that's all I will make you read today. At least I threw in some cute baby pictures to keep you interested! Note the crazy drool string in the abover picture. It's a daily struggle. 

I'll see you again in a few weeks for another monthly picture and you can see how much more she has grown.


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