March 2, 2016

Toddler Fun: Take Two

Hello and happy Wednesday! I am super excited that I actually had a post in the works before Kaley was born that I can share with you guys. Back in July I shared a toddler activity that I tried with Braxton that didn't go as planned. My difficult little man kept his name and wanted nothing to do with mixing paint in a bag. Oh well.

After his party in December I took the stars that I had on the wall and put them lower for him to play with. He loved them! Eventually they were destroyed because they were just made of scrapbook paper, but that gave me an idea. Braxton loves to count to ten and the alphabet, I wasn't about to cut out 26 things. But ten, ten was manageable

I decided that fish would be a fun change so I cut out ten fish in different colours and wrote one to ten on them changing the fishes swimming direction. Once the marker was nice and dry I taped them to the wall for Braxton to see and be able to reach them.

Then I pointed them out to him and that was the end of any plans I had for the rest of the day.  He immediately had us counting from one to ten, then from ten to one. After each number he would take the fish off the wall and place it on the ground.

It was adorable, and when they were all of the floor we counted them right back onto the wall. That first day I think we spent about two hours (this was pre-Kaley) counting over and over. And when he was bored of counting he would leave the mess for mom to clean up. Typical (just kidding, I love it).

I call this activity a huge success! We spent hours and days playing with these fish until they started to rip and the tape stopped sticking to the walls. But this gave me another activity idea, which I will share with you guys once I find the pictures!

Do you guys have any successful or foolproof toddler activities that don't require messy hands? I definitely have to think hard and outside the box to find an activity that Braxton will actually do and have fun with. Feel free to share any and all ideas!


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