September 21, 2015

Boo Sign

Welcome back and happy Monday again. Hopefully everyone had a nice and relaxing weekend. If not, hopefully you got a ton of things accomplished. It seems to always be busy here, even if we have nothing going on.

I wanted to share a craft I did a few days ago on a whim that I am actually quite smitten with. I had a small scrap piece of wood sitting around that I thought could be used somewhere, so I sanded it down weeks ago. It has been sitting around waiting for a new purpose. While finishing my scrap wood ghosts inspiration hit and now I have this cute little sign ready and waiting for Halloween.

With a small piece of wood and a little paint, you can be the proud owner of a sign that would cost a ridiculous amount at a store.

Just sand down your wood to get rid of any rough edges or splinters and give it a wipe to get the dust off. I just hand sanded this with a small piece of 200 grit sand paper.

I mixed an acrylic black with Martha Stewart's metallic acrylic paint in champagne. I would guess at a ratio of 5 to 1, black to metallic paint.

Once I was happy with the mix I did three coats on the front and all sides, making sure that there wouldn't be any drips. Then I found a font I liked, it's called Buffied (shout out to anyone who recognizes the font!). I used my pencil shading trick again. Shade the wrong side of the paper, tape it down and trace the outline of the letters.

I didn't copy all of the details of the font as I knew it would be very hard to transfer and copy. I just copied the basic shape the best I could. After you are left with a very light tracing of the letters. I usually go over the letters again on the wood so that I have a clear line for painting.

I used a silver metallic sharpie marker to fill in the letters. I was going to do orange letters but I didn't trust myself to paint in that much detail. And after I finished it I ended up loving the silver more than I would have the orange I think.

It was a free craft that took about 30 minutes of my time without drying breaks. I love that it's a small accent that I can put anywhere, and I love the fact that it was free.

It's so easy to make your own decor items with a little scrap wood and paint. Even if you bought a small piece of wood that you used for multiple crafts would end up being worth it. So get your butts out there and make some cute signs for your homes. Then show me what you came up with.


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